The wine cellars

The wine cellars of the Azeglio Castle are among the most fascinating and alluring areas of the whole grounds. Their vaulted ceilings, irregular floors, barrels and presses all speak of truly ancient traditions. These cellars date back to the sixth and seventh century. We are indeed standing in the midst of history.

While visiting the maze of the halls, corridors and unsuspected passages, the visitor feels as if he were inside a time machine, travelling centuries into the past. Today, our sparkling wine (Spumante) ages in these cellars, awaiting remuage, a delicate and decisive phase of the traditional winemaking method.

Not far from the castle lie the modern wine cellars, where grapes are taken to today. There, the grapes go through a rigorous method of soft tamping, followed by fermentation in tanks. Each step of the wine-making procedure is carried out according to the standards laid down by the regulating norms.

A hall in this building has also been prepared for special occasions, such as Castello d’Azeglio wine-tasting events.