The winery

The Castello di Azeglio winery reopened in 2008, resuming the inherited ancient tradition which the d’Harcourt family had nurtured in paast centuries. Wine production had been interrupted for some decades, until Fabio Montauti d’Harcourt, the current owner, decided to give the land around the castle a new breath of life; a land which had, for many years, produced vineyards and fruit trees.

Since Azeglio Castle stands at the center of the Erbaluce di Caluso region, restarting production was sound decision, in line with both tradition and the land. Three hectares of vineyard were planted and restored, from which three types of wine are now produced: Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG (still white), Erbaluce di Caluso passito DOCG (sweet) and Erbaluce di Caluso spumante DOCG (sparhling white).

These wines are bottled in-situ, after processes that comply strictly with all the stages of a careful production, rich in passion and the love of wine.

Thea Montauti d’Harcourt, Fabio’s second daughter, runs the company today.

Thea, little over twenty, hes inherited her family’s passion and is enriching it with enthusiasm and fresh ideas. She is anxious to give the future a young perspective, working with all the employees in order to raise to this challenge of creativity and organization, caring for and constantly updating, the product.