The region

The charm of Azeglio’s surrounding landscape comes not only from its recent centuries of history, but also from its most ancient origins. The whole region lies within the moraine of the Mont Blanc-Monte Rosa glacier. During the last Ice Age the region suffered from strong changes thet left signs on the terrain which are still visible today.

The Lago di Viverone and some smaller lakes not far from it are what is left of a great water basin in which Azeglio formed a peninsula. Archeological findings dating back to pre-Roman times have lead archeologists to conclude thet the area was inhabited by people who lived in stilt houses. These people anchored their water vessels nearby.

Water and land thus formed one ecosystem, giving the subsoil a richness thet continues to allow crops and vegetation to grow healthy and lush.

Over the centuries Azeglio has gone through various dominations, but its vocation has always remained tightly linked to the land and the crafts. Chairs made form “lesca”, a typical type of grass which grows in the wetlands, are particularly famous in the region.

Today, the Municipality has a population of just under 1,300.

Il territorio