The castle

The castle stands on a hill overlooking the small town of Azeglio, province of Turin, very close to the province of Vercelli. We are in the Canavese, a short distance from the Lago di Viverone, within the magic realm of the Piedmontese contryside. We are at authentic crossroads between history and natural heritage waiting to be discovered.

The Azeglio Castle is immersed in a secular park, surrounded by trees of incredible beauty, plants of every kind, orchads and, naturally, the vineyards of Erbaluce di Caluso.

The castle’s north-western wing is the oldest, dating back to medieval times. Signs of the massive and sober architecture that was characteristic at the time can still be found. The south-eastern facade, on the other hand, was built and rebuilt at various periods. It bears the signs of an architectural evolution that makes this palace a decisively unique piece of the Italian landscape.

The Azeglio Castle also belonged to Massimo D’Azeglio, hero of the Italian unification. Massimo is a relative to the d’Harcourt family, current owners of the Castle.The d’Harcourt family has made the castle the center of wine-making, with its three varieties of Erbaluce di Caluso: still white, sparkling white and sweet “passito” wine.

Il castello