Erbaluce di Caluso Bianco DOCG (still white)

Castello di Azeglio’s Erbaluce is a straw-yellow white wine with bright reflections that magically shift to green hues. Its perfume is refined and vinous, bringing to mind wild flowers such as acacia and hawthorn. It has a fresh and dry palate, with a strong taste that conjures deep sensations and fades into a light almond finish.

This is neither an “easy” nor a docile wine, but its typical Piedmontese character shines through. It has the strength and seriousness of a product that should be appreciated gradually before it becomes a friend forever.

Its aromas allow this wine to be perfectly paired with starters, roasts, white meat and fish dishes.

The recommended serving temperature is 8-10°.


Erbaluce di Caluso Spumante DOCG (Sparkling Wine)

Our sparkling wine is made from Erbaluce grapes which are gathered before fully ripe. This guarantees the optimum level of acidity for fermentation using the traditional method.

Its foam is fine and persistent, its color straw yellow and its perfume delicate. It is a fresh and fruity wine, with all the characteristic flavors of Erbaluce. It can be produced exclusively with the traditional method and the vine’s characteristics render it perfect for it.

Excellent as an aperitif or served with fish dishes. Try it with freshwater fish, especially trout carpaccio or houting tartare.

The recommended serving temperature is 5-8°.

Erbaluce di Caluso Spumante DOCG will be available at the end of 2015.


Erbaluce di Caluso Passito DOCG (Desert Wine)

The Erbaluce bunches undergo a drying period in well-ventilated spaces known as “passitaie”. The bunches are hung from the stalk for about five months. The drying process lasts until February of the year after the harvest. In March, the grapes are manually peeled and then crushed.

Starting on the first of November of the year following the harvest, three years must pass before the wine can be released. This is what the specifications stipulate. In the case of the Erbaluce di Caluso Passito Riserva (Reserve), the aging is of four years.

The Erbaluce Passito has an intense color that goes from gold to dark amber. Its perfume is intense and characteristic, while its taste is sweet and harmonious, full-bodied and velvety. A hint of wood can sometimes be noted, but most frequently its sweetness brings to mind scents of honey and dried and candied fruit.

The vine’s full palette of flavors emerges in this passito wine. This includes its noteworthy capacity to age well: thirty- or forty-year-old bottles can offer unique sensations.

The Erbaluce Passito is ideal with strong cheeses such as Roquefort, Castelmagno or even a good Pecorino. It is also perfect with afternoon desserts like the typical Piedmontese amaretti biscuits, ladies’ kisses, canestrelli biscuits, butter torcetti, paste di meliga and duchess biscuits.

The recommended serving temperature is 12-13°.

Erbaluce di Caluso Passito DOCG will be available at the end of 2017.

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